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What happens when you only limit the maximum heap size?

#java / Nov 15, 2022 / 13 min
The JVM has spoiled us with its cleverness. It makes so many decisions behind the scenes, that lots of us gave up on looking at what’s inside. Memory-related discussions are probably more likely to appear at a conference or during a job interview than at “real” work. Of course, depending on what you work on. Java apps are often run in containers these days. Built-in container awareness makes the JVM respect various container-specific limits (e.
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Isolation issues with Helm umbrella charts

#kubernetes / Nov 25, 2020 / 7 min
In this post, I’d like to describe the issue I’ve recently encountered when using Helm umbrella charts. Long story short, it turned out that subcharts are not completely isolated from each other, contrary to what we probably would expect. This feature has also some important consequences for building umbrella charts and combining different dependencies into one parent chart, which I want to outline as well. Umbrella charts basics Helm umbrella charts are an easy and powerful way of installing multiple components as a single one.
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