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Content is king, I'm still Mike - blog revamp

#announcements / Aug 16, 2023 / 4 min
I launched my own brand “Mike my bytes” in November 2020 as an experiment. Rebooting my existing blog (dated back to 2015!) along with becoming active on Twitter really paid off. Apart from joy, it also brought thousands of people interacting with my content every month. Today, it’s high time to make some adjustments. Refreshed mikemybytes.com design is just the beginning. Content is king The Twitter I discovered in 2020 is no longer there.
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Introducing Mike my bytes

#announcements / Nov 10, 2020 / 4 min
People are using all their senses for recognition. Just think about how many jingles, slogans, images, or even actor faces unequivocally remind us of something. They are consistently building what we call a brand. It’s not a coincidence by the way - it’s called multisensory marketing. Software engineering loves consistency too - not only when ACID comes to play, but also in terms of technical content. Interestingly, only some of the tech companies I know managed to build a consistent, nice to look at visual identification or technical brand (surprisingly, the budget often seems not to be a reason for that).
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